World Whisky Day May 17th

World whisky day 2014 at May 17th
World whisky day

Celebrating this years’ world whisky day on sat. May 17th! Yeah it’s true, someone had a good idea to gave the water of life a holiday. People around the world will enjoy finest whiskys. In Bangkok e.g. the “whisgars whisky festival” takes place. Three days of celebrating whisky from all over the world. Hopefully the next WWMap-mate convent will occur in Bangkok. Regrettably there’ s no money in the box yet. Alternate I’ll celebrate that day at home enjoying finest GLENLIVET!

Ein Gedanke zu „World Whisky Day May 17th

  1. Thinking about a good idea how we could celebrate worlds whisky day around LE rock city. Don’t forget Taschis birthday by the way ;-)

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