About us

Krisch, Marv and two of the Philipps decided to create one of worlds most attractive whisky maps. So all of the four bringing their own skills into the project it´s going to become real soon – no matter of their whisky affection.

“Krisch” is the nickname of Christian. He´s working for the world leading delivery service – the brown dressed ones. He is a passionate ski alpine who was reasonably successful in his young days. Years before he needs to be forced to drink whisky. But he got used to it by and by and acutally really enjoys sitting together and ponder about the smell and tasting of this or that whisky.

Philipp a.k.a. Phipsn
To Philipps wife we owe the starting point of our world whisky map project. When they where hiking through the Erzgebirge, English ore mountains, in that typical way – men in front, girls 50 m behind – Kati was shouting from behind “If you work on maps all day long why don´t you think about a real cool world whisky map?”

Philipp a.k.a. the coding wizard