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Powerful Glendronach single malt whisky

Glen Dronach 15 years scotch single malt whisky
The Glen Dronach single malt scotch whisky was exclusively matured in Oloroso Sherry casks.

Maybe my sense of taste is kind of adulterated after an entire day of cycling to get to the ore mountains. 150 km and 1.700 m altitude gain are really demanding. Today I met my father – the most generous person regarding whisky I know – and he gave me this 15 years old, really powerful Glendronach Revival scotch whisky. Already the first sip brought me back to life. So I could enjoy the rest of the evening and think back on my day.

Go for the official Glendronach website…

Whisky map No. 1

To create a real powerful whisky map we decided to do both – code an online map and design an offline print. So small Phil is a real wizard regarding coding the result will be extremly user friendly and gorgeous. Big Phil is leading the print design work. We do have a lot of funny ideas we like to consider at the print map. But it´s a lot of work to reach a high quality result. Well, I´m sure we will make it. Anyway we are fuc… germans ;-)

online map draft
online map draft