Caol Ila scotch single malt destillers edition

Caol Ila scotch single malt destillers edition
Caol Ila scotch single malt destillers edition

This bottling of Caol Ila is a destillers edition of Scotlands classic malts. After the usual maturing period the whisky gets barreled for another six month in casks from the Iberian peninsula for the final finishing. Muscatel casks give that smokey and oily Caol Ila a wonderful tenderness and a comprehensive flavour.
I got the chance to taste that classic whisky product while I´m visiting my dad. I´m sure it won´t be the only one during the upcoming days.

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Macallan vs. Auchentoshan vs. Aberfeldy

Macallan Speymalt 20 yrs, Auchentoshan Triple Wood, Aberfeldy 12 yrs
Macallan Speymalt 20 yrs, Auchentoshan Triple Wood, Aberfeldy 12 yrs

An atmospheric whisky tasting with a good friend and a deep conversation is a real evening upgrade. Yesterdays evening was accompanied by the 20 years old Macallan Speymalt, the Auchentoshan triple wood and the 12 years old Aberfeldy. The result: I really could recommend all the three whiskies. And it depends on your personal preference if Macallans higher price pays off or not.

20 year old Macallan Speymalt Scotch whisky

A wonderful round and heart warming Scotch single malt - the 20 years old Macallan Speymalt.
A wonderful round and heart warming Scotch single malt – the 20 years old Macallan Speymalt.

I got to the next level!

My wife gave that inconspicuously bottle to me for a specific reason. Thank you so much, my sweetheart! The smell out of the bottle was just somehow indescribable. It’s been honey and flowers – nothing smoky or savory. Smelling that Macallan in the glass it was more spicy and smoky but really a full and overwhelming flavour.
The first sip let me take a deep breath because of that soft and thoroughly harmonious taste. The rest was pure pleasure!
I guess I will share this bottle just with my wife, my dad and my best friend. I’ll be fine with that healthy egoism in that case…

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Powerful Glendronach single malt whisky

Glen Dronach 15 years scotch single malt whisky
The Glen Dronach single malt scotch whisky was exclusively matured in Oloroso Sherry casks.

Maybe my sense of taste is kind of adulterated after an entire day of cycling to get to the ore mountains. 150 km and 1.700 m altitude gain are really demanding. Today I met my father – the most generous person regarding whisky I know – and he gave me this 15 years old, really powerful Glendronach Revival scotch whisky. Already the first sip brought me back to life. So I could enjoy the rest of the evening and think back on my day.

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Bowmore 12 years Single Malt from Islay

The World Whisky Map team wishs you a happy whisky easter!

Look what the easter bunny brought to me: a 12 years old scotch single malt Bowmore whisky. I tried the 10 years Bowmore before. And I was quite surprised about it´s honest smokey taste. The 10 years Bowmore is a bit brighter than it´s 2 years older brother. What I do know is that a darker colour normally evidences a matured, full-bodied taste. I can´t really tell which one I´d prefer. Both I could suggest because of it´s price (less than 30 euro). You can´t do anything wrong with this investment.

The Bowmore distillery is located at Islay, Scotland. It was founded in 1779 by David Simson and is named after the city Bowmore nearby. So it´s the first known distillery at the island and is therefore one of the oldest in the whole of Scotland. The distillery was closed during the 2nd world war. The building was served as a basis for seaplanes. In 1950 it came into the hands of William Grigor & Sons Ltd. It went broken in 1963 so that the Stanley P. Morrison Ltd adopted it which owns also Auchentoshan and Glen Garioch. Since 1994 the distillery is owned by the Japanese Suntory Group.

The Bowmore distillery uses the water of river Laggan that is sourrounded by peat. The whisky usually matures in Sherry casks, stored in a building that gets flooded with salt water 1,5 metre deep.

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The Bowmore Single Malt 12 years whisky.
The Bowmore Single Malt 12 years whisky.

Whisky on the rocks

Even I prefer whisky in preheated glasses this icy alternative is pretty cool. Too bad that it´s not easy to create that wunderful palace. Immediately I have several ideas for other icy shapes: a tasmanian devil for tasmanian whisky, the ayers rock for australian whisky, a guy wearing a kilt for scotch whisky or a goblin for irish whiskey. But in the end I´d never drink a single malt on ice. Just my personal suggestion.

A great idea to upgrade your whisky pleasure.
Whisky on the rocks 3D

Worlds best whisky 2014 comes from…

Even if presumably not half of the world does know where Tasmania is located the guys down under seem to know how to destill a good whisky there. Obviously Tasmanians do have a lot of time besides hunting the Tasmanian devil they are now honored with the title “Best whisky of the world” for the Sullivans Cove from the city of Hobart. At Krischs research for the destills around the world I was really surprised how many of them are located at this comparatively small island. We congratulate and hope that we’re going to taste that highly praised liquid one day.

Sullivans cove awarded as the worlds best whisky in 2014
Worlds best whisky 2014

World Whisky Day May 17th

World whisky day 2014 at May 17th
World whisky day

Celebrating this years’ world whisky day on sat. May 17th! Yeah it’s true, someone had a good idea to gave the water of life a holiday. People around the world will enjoy finest whiskys. In Bangkok e.g. the “whisgars whisky festival” takes place. Three days of celebrating whisky from all over the world. Hopefully the next WWMap-mate convent will occur in Bangkok. Regrettably there’ s no money in the box yet. Alternate I’ll celebrate that day at home enjoying finest GLENLIVET!

Talisker scotch whisky

To my daughters birth my dad gave me a bottle of Taliskers Destillers Edition from 1991. It was bottled in 2005. What to say? I really like Talisker whisky. But this destillers edition really tops the standard 10 years old. I´m quite glad about my dad. He´s the one who introduced me to the world of whisky. And he gives me a good single malt bottle nearly evertime he visits us. I’m going to refuse it each time because it’s not an inexpensive gift. But I have no chance or don’t want to have a chance. So thanks dad!

Talisker really advisable Destillers Edition whisky 1991/2005.
Talisker really advisable Destillers Edition whisky 1991/2005.

Laphroaig whisky

One of the oldest whisky destilleries in Scotland.

Pince Charles favorite is the smoky Laphroaig whisky. It’s destilled at the scottish island Islay. The destillery was founded in 1815 by the Johnston brothers. Even their father was destilling whisky illegal before they founded the official destillery.
My first try on Laphroaig is not so long ago. I spend a mens evening with Krisch. After the abortive search for the right location we end up in a heavy smokers bar. They offered two single malt whiskies. We decided for the Laphroaig. I was quite surprised about it’s complex taste. I imagined to taste plum behind all that smoke. So we ordered a second and a third and a…