Laphroaig whisky

One of the oldest whisky destilleries in Scotland.

Pince Charles favorite is the smoky Laphroaig whisky. It’s destilled at the scottish island Islay. The destillery was founded in 1815 by the Johnston brothers. Even their father was destilling whisky illegal before they founded the official destillery.
My first try on Laphroaig is not so long ago. I spend a mens evening with Krisch. After the abortive search for the right location we end up in a heavy smokers bar. They offered two single malt whiskies. We decided for the Laphroaig. I was quite surprised about it’s complex taste. I imagined to taste plum behind all that smoke. So we ordered a second and a third and a…

3 Gedanken zu „Laphroaig whisky

  1. Oh, i remember that night. Not even one nice bar in schloissig, ’til we went to that smoky tavern. My first meeting with charles’ darling was years ago, and i felt like drinking a swedish smokehouse…not my cup of tea. But times change, laphroaig is one of my dearest scotish malts. Still smoky, but also kinda fresh and a lot of horsepower. Maybe that’s why charles’ so in love with camilla ;)

  2. As an inspiration for that post I’d need at least half a bottle of Laphroaig or any other whisky. What the hell did you quaff before? ;-)

    1. Well, Phil, business as usual on a normal friday. Synchronizing the world of commerce is much easier, if you’re hard-thinking ’bout whisky. I still can’t sleep…take a look at the watch. HardwhiskyTHinking makes you sleepless, mind that! Or my son does, i’m thinkin’ about that ;)

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