Lagavulin 16 years Islay Single Malt Whisky

Lagavulin has been distilled legally since 1816.
Lagavulin has been distilled legally since 1816.

To be honest: when I trunk Lagavulin 16 years single malt the first time, I felt like I liked an old railway sleeper. I couldn´t enjoy the glass. That was nearly 10 years before at my sisters place when she was celebrating their study graduation.

Nowadays it´s one of my favorites!

Lagavulin is the most sold whisky of the Classic Malt Series. Hardly any other distillery with that limited offering could book such a success. The distillery is located at Hebrides Islay, Scotland. The name Lagavulin means something like “swale where the mill was sited”. Already in 1742 whisky was distilled at the current location at Lagavulin Bay. But it´s only since 1816 that John Johnston founded Lagavulins first legal distillery. Archibald Campell founded the Ardmore distillery near Lagavulin in the following year – not to be confused with the Ardmore distillery at Kennethmont. After both distilleries came in Donald Johnsons possession he merged them into todays Lagavulin Distillery in 1837. From 1908 to 1960 the Malt Mill Distillery had been part at the Lagavulin area run by Peter Mackie.

The used water comes from the two lakes Loch Sholum and Lochan Sholum on the slopes of mount Beinn Sholum. The distillery gets it´s malt from the disused Port Ellen Whisky Distillery (closed since 1983).

The 16 years Lagavulin Classic Malt is known for it´s powerful and spicy peat-smoke aroma. The whisky impresses with it´s complex but well-balanced taste accompanied by a strong smoky note. The long finish is peaty and blazing and convinces with a tender fruitiness and a hint of vanilla.

The flagship aged 16 years in oak casks. Thats the longest maturing period compared to all other Classic Malts.

Go for the official Lagavulin website…

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  1. Hm…Archibald Campbell. That name sounds familiar ;). The same guy who owned Jura Distillery. Busy in whisky, good ol’ Archie.
    And Phil: referring to “Shalom” it seems like a new whisky-salute is born: SHOLUM!

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