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Whisky glass: tumbler vs. nosing-glass

It´s certainly a matter of taste which whisky glass you prefer: a tumbler or nosing glass.

A tumbler is often considered as the traditional whisky glass. I´d recommend to use it when you going to drink a whisky you already know or if you mix it (what I could never do). I love the tumbler because it feels good in my hand. So I choose it to the criteria of weight and tenuity of the glass.

While tasting a whisky for the first time I use a nosing glass. The tulip shape is ideal to swirl the whisky around without spilling it. The whisky aroma will be concentrated at the glasses edge. This will allow it to develop the whiskies full flavor.

Conclusion: A lot of whisky lovers make a fuss about the right whisky glass. The tumbler is a heavy glas which lies comfortably in the hand . The tulip shape of a nosing glass is perfect to define the whiskies taste. Just try it out and decide yourself which you prefer.

Talisker scotch whisky

To my daughters birth my dad gave me a bottle of Taliskers Destillers Edition from 1991. It was bottled in 2005. What to say? I really like Talisker whisky. But this destillers edition really tops the standard 10 years old. I´m quite glad about my dad. He´s the one who introduced me to the world of whisky. And he gives me a good single malt bottle nearly evertime he visits us. I’m going to refuse it each time because it’s not an inexpensive gift. But I have no chance or don’t want to have a chance. So thanks dad!

Talisker really advisable Destillers Edition whisky 1991/2005.
Talisker really advisable Destillers Edition whisky 1991/2005.

Laphroaig whisky

One of the oldest whisky destilleries in Scotland.

Pince Charles favorite is the smoky Laphroaig whisky. It’s destilled at the scottish island Islay. The destillery was founded in 1815 by the Johnston brothers. Even their father was destilling whisky illegal before they founded the official destillery.
My first try on Laphroaig is not so long ago. I spend a mens evening with Krisch. After the abortive search for the right location we end up in a heavy smokers bar. They offered two single malt whiskies. We decided for the Laphroaig. I was quite surprised about it’s complex taste. I imagined to taste plum behind all that smoke. So we ordered a second and a third and a…

Oban your mind

Does a scotch single malt whisky makes you staring a long time into a bonfires flames? My dad told me that if I stare long enough into the flames I’ll the “fire devil”. That is what my dad told me when I was a child. Combining the bonfire spirit and the Oban single malt whisky spirit makes me “Oban my mind” at this wunderful evening I shared with good friends. Life is great!

oban - single malt scotch
Oban – highland scotch single malt whisky