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Oban 14 years single malt scotch whisky

The beautiful port village Oban is named after the 1794 founded distillery.
The beautiful port village Oban is named after the 1794 founded distillery.

The archaeological discovery of six adult and four children bodies stopped the construction of new storage buildings on the property of Oban distillery in 1890. Did they die due to an extensive whisky consumption?

Pleasantries aside: this 5000 years old remains is a remarkable find which nowadays is exhibited in the National Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh.

The Oban distillery was founded by the brothers John and Hugh Stevenson in 1794. So it counts to one of Scotlands oldest . Within a few years arose the same named small port village located at the border between the western highlands and the islands. The perfectly safed natural port turns Oban into the most important harbor concerning the traffic to the islands and the capital of the islands. The Oban distillerie belongs to current owners Diageo.

The 14 years Scotch single malt belongs to the world famous Classic Malts. The Oban matures in Bourbon and Montilla-Sherry casks.  The water comes from the the Loch Gleann a’Bherraidh. The single malt is know for it´s tender smoky-peaty flavour with a hint of fruits accompanied by a slightly note of salt. Those salty aromas result of the proximity to the sea.

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Lagavulin 16 years Islay Single Malt Whisky

Lagavulin has been distilled legally since 1816.
Lagavulin has been distilled legally since 1816.

To be honest: when I trunk Lagavulin 16 years single malt the first time, I felt like I liked an old railway sleeper. I couldn´t enjoy the glass. That was nearly 10 years before at my sisters place when she was celebrating their study graduation.

Nowadays it´s one of my favorites!

Lagavulin is the most sold whisky of the Classic Malt Series. Hardly any other distillery with that limited offering could book such a success. The distillery is located at Hebrides Islay, Scotland. The name Lagavulin means something like “swale where the mill was sited”. Already in 1742 whisky was distilled at the current location at Lagavulin Bay. But it´s only since 1816 that John Johnston founded Lagavulins first legal distillery. Archibald Campell founded the Ardmore distillery near Lagavulin in the following year – not to be confused with the Ardmore distillery at Kennethmont. After both distilleries came in Donald Johnsons possession he merged them into todays Lagavulin Distillery in 1837. From 1908 to 1960 the Malt Mill Distillery had been part at the Lagavulin area run by Peter Mackie.

The used water comes from the two lakes Loch Sholum and Lochan Sholum on the slopes of mount Beinn Sholum. The distillery gets it´s malt from the disused Port Ellen Whisky Distillery (closed since 1983).

The 16 years Lagavulin Classic Malt is known for it´s powerful and spicy peat-smoke aroma. The whisky impresses with it´s complex but well-balanced taste accompanied by a strong smoky note. The long finish is peaty and blazing and convinces with a tender fruitiness and a hint of vanilla.

The flagship aged 16 years in oak casks. Thats the longest maturing period compared to all other Classic Malts.

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Isle of Jura 10 years old Single Malt Scotch

Aromatic Single Malt from the Isle of Jura
Aromatic Single Malt from the Isle of Jura

The Isle of Jura is located between the Scotish Westcoast and Islay. The Island is popular for three mountains on the western side, called Paps of Jura. Furthermore Jura is one of the least densely populated islands of Scotland.
The history of Jura Distillery goes back to 1810. The owner of the distillery, Archibald Campell, distilled Whisky until John Ferguson & Sons took over in 1875. They started refurbishing the distillery in 1884. At the beginning of the 20th century they were no longer able to pay the leasehold and had to close the distillery.
In 1958 the two Jura-locals Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith plucked up courage and charged William Delmé Evans to build a very new distillery located at the same place. Some owners changed till now, but the Whisky is still the same: Only 40% vol. alc. – but very complex and aromatic. It comes with a little peat, notes of see salt and almonds. Matured in Bourbon caskets this pure Single Malt is worth the try!

Karwendel mountains and Balvenie Double Wood Scotch Whisky

After a great hiking through the Karwendel mountains I enjoyed my todays whisky at the “Zuber” bath. My gaze wanders back to Innsbruck where my little adventure began at 7 a.m. this morning. I took the bus to the “Hungerbahn” station that lifts me up the first 300 meters. The cable cabin brought me to “Hafelekar” at 2.258 meters. Here I red that funny print of famous Hans Kammerlander, letting me think of my whisky passion just for a moment. It took me 1:40 h to get to the Pfeishütte. My step-sister runs that wonderful mountain hut where you can´t get a whisky – what a pitty. But it´s safety first in that high mountain area. On the more strenuous way back I ran fast what was really tiring. But it was a great hike. While I was driving home I had the glorious idea to drink my well-earned whisky in the warm Zuber to relax my muscles.

Balvenie Double Wood scotch whisky matures in Sherry and Bourbon casks. That makes that whisky interesting and tender. It´s a tip among connoisseurs because of it´s orange aroma and that deep sweet taste.

William Grant converted the Balvenie mansion into a distillery. It lies on the slopes of Conval hills near Dufftown. On 1 May 1893 the first whisky has been created at the Balvenie Distillery. William Grant continued his acitivities of distilling whisky to the ripe old age of 83.

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Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Orkney

The history of Highland Parks can be traced back to 1798 when Magnus Euson began to burn whisky illegally in Scotlands northernmost distillery. In 1825 Robert Borwick constructed today´s whisky distillery and got the licence to burn in 1826. A few changes in ownership followed. In 1890 James Grant acquired the distillery and expanded it to four stills. The Highland Distillers Group continued distilling from 1918 on.

The used water comes from an underground spring at the Cattie Maggie’s Quarry. The distillers use the local peat covered with heather from Hobbister Moor.

The Highland Park is a full-bodied whisky with a  gentle mix of a tender honey note and a hint of smoke and peat.

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Dalwhinnie 15 years single malt whisky

Dalwhinnie 15 years old – Aromatic Single Malt from Scotlands highest distillery

Days ago i travelled to my mother and found Dalwhinnie 15 years old Single Malt at the chimney. She told me, that she visited Dalwhinnie Distillery in central Highlands – the highest distillery in Scotland – years ago and brought a bottle as a souvenir from her scotland trip, although she’ s not into whisky as me.  Sharp tongues say it’s a woman’s whisky because of its delightfully gentle, aromatic bouquet and delicately smokiness. However,  we enjoyed half of the bottle in that warm late-summer night and that should be the best appreciation for a whisky, i never tried before.

Glen Garioch 12 yrs Scottish Highland Single Malt Whisky

The Glen Garioch is a non chill-filtered 12 years Single Malt that satisfies with a floral note and the taste of poached pears.
The Glen Garioch is a non chill-filtered 12 years Single Malt that satisfies with a floral note and the taste of poached pears.

The Glen Garioch distillery is located at Oldmeldrum in the valley of Garioch, scottish Highlands. People called it “The Granary of Aberdeenshire” because  the finest barley in all of Scotland grows here. John and Alexander Manson started burning whisky in 1797. So Glen Garioch is one of Scotlands oldest operating distilleries.

Glen Gariochs history was quite turbulent: In the beginning the distillery incorporated with a brewery and tannery. After many changes in ownership and closures in 1968 the production suspended on account of chronic water shortage. Luckily the “Silent Spring” was discovered at the neighbour´s property. In 1970 the distillery changed into the possession of Morrision Bowmore but took over by Japanes Santory in 1994. The distillery was closed in 1995 and should be sold. But it re-opened 1997 and produces around 750.000 litres of that lovely, floral and smooth whisky.

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Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch is considered as the peatiest and smokiest whisky around the world.
The Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch is considered as the peatiest and smokiest whisky around the world.

Typically whiskies are chill-filtered and reduced to 40% ABV, not though the Ardbeg single malt scotch whisky. The manufacture promises itself maximum flavour, more body and added depth from such distillation. The whisky is surprisingly bright. It´s nosing keeps what it promises: peat and smoke. The first sip felt as if it´s prickling on my tongue. Then the Ardbeg developes it´s tart taste of peat and smoke with that note of citron fruits.

The distillery is located at the south shore at Islay near Port Ellen. It was founded in 1794 by moonshiners and smugglers. They had to give up their passion after a police raid. The legal distilling can be traced back to John McDougall. In 1815 he begann to burn whisky under the name “Ardbeg”, that originates from the scottish term “ard bheag” what means low hill. The companys operation is formally documented since 1817. Till 1959 it was family-owned.

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Highlands vs. Speyside: Highland Park & Cardhu

Candhu 12 years & Highland Park 12 years

While Scotties will decide “Yes” or “No”,  i decided to make my choice between Single Malts from the Scottish Highlands and those from Speyside.
Most Scottish Whiskys are distilled along river Spey. These Whisky are popular for smooth and soft taste, pure spring water and are hardly peaty.

The Cardhu 12 years old Single Malt combines all this at its best! This Single Malt is well-balanced and the gentle sweetness is fabulous. Maybe that’s why Cardhu 12 years Single Malt won Gold at International Wine and Spirits Competition as the best Speyside Whisky up to 12 years old. By the way: The Cardhu Distillery was cofounded by two women, Helen & Elizabeth Cumming. Good idea, girls!

On the other hand i’ve chosen  Highland Park 12 years old, distilled in Kirkwall, the most northerly distillery in Scotland. A lot of Whisky-Freaks say, it is the best allrounder in the world of malt-whisky! And it’s true: sweet honey, not as sweet as the cardhu 12, but sweet enough to make me curious. Combined with aromatic peat, and the plenty of green notes, this Single Malt is a true allrounder and a good entry for Whisky-beginners!

Well, its a nip-and-tuck-race, and no winner-region should be chosen. Both Whisky are great. Yes for Scottish Single Malts :)

Caol Ila scotch single malt destillers edition

Caol Ila scotch single malt destillers edition
Caol Ila scotch single malt destillers edition

This bottling of Caol Ila is a destillers edition of Scotlands classic malts. After the usual maturing period the whisky gets barreled for another six month in casks from the Iberian peninsula for the final finishing. Muscatel casks give that smokey and oily Caol Ila a wonderful tenderness and a comprehensive flavour.
I got the chance to taste that classic whisky product while I´m visiting my dad. I´m sure it won´t be the only one during the upcoming days.

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