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Isle of Jura 10 years old Single Malt Scotch

Aromatic Single Malt from the Isle of Jura
Aromatic Single Malt from the Isle of Jura

The Isle of Jura is located between the Scotish Westcoast and Islay. The Island is popular for three mountains on the western side, called Paps of Jura. Furthermore Jura is one of the least densely populated islands of Scotland.
The history of Jura Distillery goes back to 1810. The owner of the distillery, Archibald Campell, distilled Whisky until John Ferguson & Sons took over in 1875. They started refurbishing the distillery in 1884. At the beginning of the 20th century they were no longer able to pay the leasehold and had to close the distillery.
In 1958 the two Jura-locals Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith plucked up courage and charged William Delmé Evans to build a very new distillery located at the same place. Some owners changed till now, but the Whisky is still the same: Only 40% vol. alc. – but very complex and aromatic. It comes with a little peat, notes of see salt and almonds. Matured in Bourbon caskets this pure Single Malt is worth the try!

Dalwhinnie 15 years single malt whisky

Dalwhinnie 15 years old – Aromatic Single Malt from Scotlands highest distillery

Days ago i travelled to my mother and found Dalwhinnie 15 years old Single Malt at the chimney. She told me, that she visited Dalwhinnie Distillery in central Highlands – the highest distillery in Scotland – years ago and brought a bottle as a souvenir from her scotland trip, although she’ s not into whisky as me.  Sharp tongues say it’s a woman’s whisky because of its delightfully gentle, aromatic bouquet and delicately smokiness. However,  we enjoyed half of the bottle in that warm late-summer night and that should be the best appreciation for a whisky, i never tried before.

Highlands vs. Speyside: Highland Park & Cardhu

Candhu 12 years & Highland Park 12 years

While Scotties will decide “Yes” or “No”,  i decided to make my choice between Single Malts from the Scottish Highlands and those from Speyside.
Most Scottish Whiskys are distilled along river Spey. These Whisky are popular for smooth and soft taste, pure spring water and are hardly peaty.

The Cardhu 12 years old Single Malt combines all this at its best! This Single Malt is well-balanced and the gentle sweetness is fabulous. Maybe that’s why Cardhu 12 years Single Malt won Gold at International Wine and Spirits Competition as the best Speyside Whisky up to 12 years old. By the way: The Cardhu Distillery was cofounded by two women, Helen & Elizabeth Cumming. Good idea, girls!

On the other hand i’ve chosen  Highland Park 12 years old, distilled in Kirkwall, the most northerly distillery in Scotland. A lot of Whisky-Freaks say, it is the best allrounder in the world of malt-whisky! And it’s true: sweet honey, not as sweet as the cardhu 12, but sweet enough to make me curious. Combined with aromatic peat, and the plenty of green notes, this Single Malt is a true allrounder and a good entry for Whisky-beginners!

Well, its a nip-and-tuck-race, and no winner-region should be chosen. Both Whisky are great. Yes for Scottish Single Malts :)

World Whisky Day May 17th

World whisky day 2014 at May 17th
World whisky day

Celebrating this years’ world whisky day on sat. May 17th! Yeah it’s true, someone had a good idea to gave the water of life a holiday. People around the world will enjoy finest whiskys. In Bangkok e.g. the “whisgars whisky festival” takes place. Three days of celebrating whisky from all over the world. Hopefully the next WWMap-mate convent will occur in Bangkok. Regrettably there’ s no money in the box yet. Alternate I’ll celebrate that day at home enjoying finest GLENLIVET!